Hollyoaks spoilers: Zara Morgan makes ‘impactful’ comeback after 16 years

Zara is back, as actress Kelly Condron returns to her role after 16 years! (Photo: Lime Images)

Hollyoaks left fans in shock, after announcing that Zara Morgan would return to the eponymous village 16 years after leaving, with actress Kelly Condron set to reprise her iconic role.

Known for her witty remarks and penchant for getting into trouble, Zara made a huge impression on viewers when she first appeared on the Channel 4 soap opera in 1999.

The character, sister of pillar Luke (Gary Lucy), appeared regularly for six years and featured in several hugely memorable moments, before finally leaving in 2005.

But after 16 years of absence, Zara is back in town!

“It’s probably as big a shock for me as it is for [the audience], to be honest ! », Declared exclusively the actress Kelly Condon Metro.co.uk, discussing what it’s like to reprise his role after so many years.

‘Love it, it’s awesome. It’s different, and yet it’s still very, very similar.

Luke and Zara at Hollyoaks

Zara and Luke had a pretty memorable relationship (Photo: Lime Pictures)

‘I was asked [to return] several times before, but it never really worked. It was never a good time. This time I got the call to come back, and I think in confinement everyone’s state of mind has changed a bit, and I just thought, ‘Why not?’

Zara returns to the village after finding out about the funeral of her mother Sue (Marian McLoughlin) on social media, and it can be said that Luke is quite shocked when he sets his sights on his estranged sister, who presents herself to her. door to let him know his opinion!

“It’s not pleasant, is it?” It’s not a good thing to find out on social media! Kelly said. ‘When she comes back, as you can imagine, [she is] very angry!

Zara in Hollyoaks
Zara’s return will shake up the village (Photo: Lime Pictures)

“Luc is shocked! Zara said, “Don’t you recognize me? I came back! “. She’s just like,” Why did you stay there? Let me in! ” It’s the last thing Luke thinks is going to happen!

“Zara and Luke have always had a very good sibling relationship. He was always the one who stood up for Zara. I think she’s mad at him now, finding out about the funeral on social media. It’s quite overwhelming!

The character has matured considerably since we last saw her, but Kelly feels she’s still the same person at heart.

“Zara worked in Thailand for an NGO,” Kelly explained. “She lobbied the government on environmental issues.

“She’s pretty smart and she’s pretty okay with it, but it’s still the gobby Zara we all loved!” There is certainly, absoutely a bit of classic Zara still in there!

Luke and Zara at Hollyoaks
Luke and Zara have faced each other a lot during the day (Photo: Lime Pictures)

But what exactly does the future hold for him?

“Zara will be staying a bit after the funeral for sure,” Kelly teased, “but I can’t really say more, I’m afraid!

“She’s very determined to make a difference with climate change and environmental issues, so I imagine she’s going to have an impact on the village – whether they like it or not!”

Hollyoaks will air Zara’s comeback on Wednesday, August 4 at 7 p.m. on E4, but you can catch a glimpse of its first scenes in the new summer trailer which airs on the social media of the Channel 4 soap opera at 5 p.m.

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