Former Zara employee shares what it’s really like to work there with endless queues and ‘sales chaos’


A former Zara employee has revealed what it’s really like to work at the iconic store.

Arguably one of Liverpool ONE’s most popular stores, Zara is often spotted by enthusiastic shoppers queuing up around its exterior, eager to enter.

The retailer is well known for its aesthetic and editorial social media posts and website photos, giving shoppers the option of picking up budget basics or catwalk-inspired looks for a fraction of the price.

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Zara is not a store for the faint of heart, with the busy environment and long lines to enter, visit the locker rooms or even pay for notorious items.

Anyone who has worked in retail knows that this can be very difficult and arduous work, Zara being no exception.

ECHO spoke to a former Zara employee who revealed what it’s like to work in the busy Liverpool ONE store.

The 22-year-old, who did not wish to be named, highlighted everything from customers and locker rooms to the “chaos” of sales, to the perks of work.

How customers behaved during the queue

The Zara insider revealed, “It’s a busy store, but overall the customers are understanding and friendly in Zara. The majority are polite and very sympathetic to the importance of the business. a lot of ‘how do you do here all day?’ and “I don’t know how you work here!” “

“Customers tend to be aware of your level of activity, with the exception of those who have obviously never worked in retail.

“During the pandemic, with the store’s capacity limited, the queue was insane, as anyone who’s been to Liverpool ONE will likely know, and customers were generally understanding, even though they had to wait awhile. The rare few weren’t that happy, but if you’re heading to Zara just expect to have to queue now. “

Why working in the locker room wasn’t much fun

Queues to visit Zara’s locker rooms can often run the length of the store, so it’s not always a pleasant experience for shoppers.

Our Zara insider revealed that working on the locker room wasn’t particularly fun for the staff either.

She said: “One of the downsides, customers seem to lose focus when trying on clothes – even during a pandemic.

“There are over 30 locker rooms on women’s clothing in Zara alone, so even reopening half of them as Covid restrictions were lifted after a year was hard work.

“You would be surprised how difficult it is for some people to put something back on its hanger, or even bring it back out of the locker room. Even on the busiest days, and it was obvious that you were under a lot of pressure, customers still couldn’t hang jeans on the hanger! “

Dealing with the “chaos” of sales

The Zara Sale is an extremely popular event, with shoppers keen to pick up coveted items at a discounted rate.

The former staff member revealed, “I worked on two major sales; Christmas and Summer. As you can probably imagine, it was utter chaos.

“From reorganizing the entire store and making each item of clothing stand out individually, until the entire store was ransacked within 30 seconds of the doors opening, the Zara sale was a huge success. experience in itself. “

Benefits of work

While at Zara, our insider received 25% off all Inditex brands online and in store, including Zara, Pull and Bear, Stradivarius and Bershka. The discount even applied to sale items and staff were also given a £ 50 Christmas gift card to spend at Inditex.

She also said the company is a “fast-paced work environment ideal for part-time work, especially for those studying” and offers decent opportunities to grow within the company.

For Liverpool staff there is an added benefit. The former employee added: “When it comes to Liverpool the staff can skip the lines both for entering and for returns and if you shop regularly in the Liverpool store you know that is a big advantage. “

A united team

Another positive aspect of working at Zara for the former employee was the support of her team.

She said: “The team works well together because most things require a team effort in the store.

“When I first started I had never worked in a retail environment before, so starting somewhere very busy like Zara was intimidating, and the coworkers were easygoing in that regard, being generally happy to help.”

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